Comments from Former Pupils

"I must be taller now - after the first lesson I had to adjust my driving mirror!"
New pupil

"The Alexander Technique has changed my life, in the sense that I can now stand comfortably for periods of time while I chat to people. I used to find this a big problem. Also, my stiff shoulder is a lot better."
8 years after her original course of lessons ended.

"I haven't had any headaches for two weeks now, which is unusual for me. Also, I danced for four hours last night and only had very slight backache afterwards. My dancing partner commented that I'm not looking down when I dance (one of my old, bad habits) - I haven't told him about the Alexander Technique yet!"
Pupil in her 50s, advised to take Alexander Technique lessons by an osteopath who treated her for a back injury. This comment was made in her 6th lesson.

"I performed in my school play this week. I just focused on not forcing my voice, and it came over well"
15 year old boy after 12 lessons to help him with his rather croaky voice, which was making him feel self-conscious.

"I can tell I'm not as twisted as I was, and my horse is responding much better. He obviously appreciates my new balance!"
Keen amateur dressage rider.

"I've just been to the osteopath after a three-week gap, which is long for me. He was really surprised because he couldn't find anything wrong this time!"
After three years' regular osteopathy and a year of Alexander Technique (30 lessons) for ongoing back problems. Eighteen months later and after a further 15 lessons, her back is now virtually stable and pain-free, and she feels generally much fitter and more cheerful.

Learn to improve balance when lifting and carrying