Groups & Business Workshops

This page is for all types of businesses and institutions; professional and community organisations; groups for special interests, including sports activities and the performing arts.

If your organisation or group is within reasonable travelling distance from Chester (preferably by train), Alexander Technique sessions can be arranged at your location. Read through the options available; then, if you think you would like to go ahead, contact Rhiannon to discuss your requirements and practical arrangements, including fees.

How Alexander Technique can help your company at work.

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 places a duty of care upon employers to carry out risk assessments and plan to ensure that workers understand and can mitigate risks by providing safe equipment, ensuring safe handling and use, providing instruction and training where necessary, and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.

From normal office tasks such as sitting and using a computer, to manual handling and lifting and the safe use of the body in handling equipment, the Alexander Technique can help individuals in the workplace to stay within reasonable safety parameters and reduce the risk of injury over the short and long-term. Research shows it can also help in the healing process for back pain.

Programme Options

Initial Presentation

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 1/2 hours

This introduction is designed for an audience, with no limit to the numbers. Usually, one or two members of the audience are invited to take part in a demonstration of what happens in an Alexander Technique lesson.

N B The Chester Alexander Technique Studio cannnot charge for less than two hours' work on location. However, the presentation can be repeated for a second audience, or it can be combined with another option.

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Introductory Workshop

Duration: between 1 1/2 and 6 hours, depending on the group's needs and interests.

Number of participants: normally maximum of 12

This is a practical workshop for a limited number of people. It is usually possible to provide some individual feedback and 'hands-on' work for each person within the group. More individual attention is possible, of course, in a whole day workshop than in a short session.

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Course of Group Workshops

Duration: 1 hour a week for 6 or 10 weeks

Number or participants: between 4 and 12.

This is a condensed course, taking the participants through the basic concepts of the Alexander Technique in a practical way. Aspects of health, posture, work, stress, lifestyle and leisure activities will all be touched on. An attempt will be made to address individual problems and concerns: this will, of course, be limited by the size of the group.

To be financially viable, it is normally necessary to arrange for two or more groups to run on the same day, unless you are also booking other work from the Chester Alexander Technique Studio to take place on that day (see programme for individuals and custom-designed programme).

Testimonials from the 6 week group course held at the Land Registry Office, Birkenhead, taken from (anonymous) feedback forms:

I found it helpful just to think about the way I move.

I sleep very much better, I have less back pain, and my knee and ankle joints are getting a lot stronger. The relaxation techniques have also helped me cope a lot better with stress and anxiety, and I don't feel as depressive as I was. I also noticed that my PMT is not as bad!

I am able to cope more with arthritic pain in learning how to hold my body correctly, etc

My back is better since I practise the semi-supine and I will have to see if my new standing posture will help with spells of standing when needed in the future.

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Programme for Individuals

Duration: 20, 30 or 40 minutes once a week for 10 or 12 weeks, or longer

The Alexander Technique is traditionally taught one-to-one, as this is by far the most effective way (and sometimes the only realistic way) to learn the Technique. Usually (unless the pupil is uncomfortable with this) specific 'hands-on' guidance is given by the teacher, who has been carefully trained to work in this way to assist with balance, co-ordination, alignment and release of muscular tension.

Rhiannon Jones is fully trained, qualified and experienced in this standard form of teaching the Technique and, should your company decide to offer individual lessons to some of your staff, they are likely to find it not only an enjoyable experience, but also of practical benefit both to themselves and to their work and, therefore, to your company!

Employees can be invited to sample trial lessons before committing to a full course. Alternatively, introductory group sessions can lead on into individual sessions for those who choose or require them.

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Custom-Designed Programme

A programme can be designed to fit your staff's (or members') requirements and your budget.

This might take one of the following forms:

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For further information, fees, or to arrange an initial appointment, please contact Rhiannon Jones by telephone on 01244 950530 or by email: